Large napkins

Beautiful napkins complete a carefully set table. Even without a table cloth, textile napkins add a luxurious feeling, even in busy everyday life.


Emmeke - 2 to 10 large napkins
These 1930's napkins have a generous size. Having a lot of guests? Emmeke can be ordered up to 10 pieces, please contact us. The price quoted is for a set of 2. For larger orders, the price per piece decreases. | amount: 2 ... (meer lezen)
€ 69,00
Antje - 2 large napkins
Both the fabric and the embroidery testify to fantastic craftsmanship from the 19th century. | amount: 2 size: 65 x 65 cm color index: "dune" material: linen damask pattern: irises with GL monogram ... (meer lezen)
€ 75,00


Smaller napkins

These napkins were originally made as 'finger wipes'. Now they serve well at breakfast or lunch, or at a small but finely set table.


Beatrix - small napkins
These simple napkins have spent a previous life in a hotel. Beatrix can also be ordered per 4 pieces or more, please contact us. | amount: 2 or more size: 50 x 50 cm color index: "dune" material: cotton damask ... (meer lezen)
vanaf € 35,00
Ariane - 2 small napkins
These creamcolored napkins show a merry floral motif and are of a robust quality. | size: 50 x 50 cm color index: "dune" material: linen damask woven pattern: flowers and border ... (meer lezen)
€ 45,00