Dorothea - 85 x 105 cm

This linen has been used in a noblemen's linen closet since the 1880's and experienced a lot. The hand-embroidered monogram with crown shows traces of torn work and recovery. Would the count have divorced, did the countess change her name after an affair or were other intrigues taking place? After all, no life is flawless. Long live imperfection!

The 18th and 19th century napkins were large enough to cover up valuable clothing, so large that today they can be used as a small tablecloth. The advantage is a large table does not have to be completely emptied; only where dinner is served the table can be set attractively.


size: 105 x 85 cm

colour index: "coral"

material: linen damask

woven pattern: geometric block pattern with vR monogram and crown

note: two pieces are available. 

€ 175,00

  • Er zijn meerdere exemplaren beschikbaar /// Several items or sets available
  • levertijd 3-5 dagen /// delivery time 3-5 days

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