Kitchen cloth

SUSTAINED kitchen towels are made of a classic block cloth and a tightly woven twill cloth. They can be used as a tea towel, to present or cover food in a lovely way.

The cloths have a generous size and absorb a lot of moisture. With sturdy loop and embroidered stain.

Guaranteed a topic of conversation during the dishes.


material: 100% cotton twill/block cloth

size: 75x65 cm

washable on 60 degrees 

€ 17,50

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An apron from SUSTAINED is practical in the kitchen, but also very nice to wear while serving dinner.

Made from the classic block fabric in a sophisticated color scheme.

The large pocket provides space for a phone or tablet, while the extra loop can be used to hang a tea towel or ladle.

Suitable for every waist size because of the long waistband.


material: 100% cotton block cloth

size: 100 cm wide x 75 cm high, waistband 250 cm

washable at 60 degrees

€ 49,50

  • Er zijn meerdere exemplaren beschikbaar /// Several items or sets available
  • levertijd 3-5 dagen /// delivery time 3-5 days


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